Council for Hospitality Management Education 2023

Annual Conference 23-26 May 2023.

Welcome to the Hotel Management School, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

About CHME

This conference is the 31st annual conference of CHME. This non-profit organisation of academics working in hospitality studies, hospitality management, tourism, festival and events, and other related fields has members in higher education institutions in the UK, Europe and the wider world. We are very pleased that this is only the second time the CHME Executive has awarded the hosting rights to the conference to an institution outside the UK (after Aalborg in Denmark in 2017).
CHME’s stated aim is to support and contribute to the professional development and status of hospitality education, through the sharing of best practice in scholarship and pedagogy.
For more information on CHME and the academics who make up this association please see

‘Game-changers in the hospitality industry and education’

The CHME2023 Conference theme.

The conference theme for CHME2023 is Game-changers in the hospitality industry and education. 2020 and 2021 have been unprecedented years for the hospitality industry and hospitality education due to the Covid pandemic, on top of existing structural challenges around staffing, sustainability, globalisation, security and technology. 2023 should therefore be a time of getting back to thinking about the future and the many possibilities it offers, while at the same time using the creativity and innovation that got us through the pandemic to become future proof game-changes in the hospitality industry. The term ‘game-changers’ is designed to capture the kind of research that we must conduct and graduates that we must produce if they are to survive and lead our industry and educational field into the future.

The Tracks and Track chairs for CHME2023 are as follows:

Hospitality Management (Sarah Rawlinson/Alisha Ali)
Hospitality Management (Sarah Rawlinson/Alisha Ali)
Critical and cultural studies of hospitality (Peter Lugosi)
Critical and cultural studies of hospitality (Peter Lugosi)
Learning, teaching and assessment in hospitality management education (Lisa Wyld)
Learning, teaching and assessment in hospitality management education (Lisa Wyld)
Game changers in the hospitality industry and education (Robert Coelen)

This track aims to showcase the many opportunities and constraints, as well as the novel scenarios and trends that a post-Covid world offers. It welcomes papers on innovative ideas, initiatives and case studies where individuals and organisations have dared to think differently, in a creative disruptive way. The post-Covid world is in many ways very different from what came before, and this has implications for hospitality educators, for recruiters and HR departments, for those working in hospitality-related fields such as healthcare and travel, and for future-proofing our education and our industry to produce graduates who display organisational citizenship, servant leadership and hostmanship to the colleagues and guests.

Sustainability, Circularity, Localisation, and Globalisation (Elena Cavagnaro/Paul Lynch)

This track aims to prompt further discussion and showcase how the hospitality sector can contribute to the themes of the Sustainable Development and transition to the Circular Economy, to the Climate Change debate, as well as how such a sector can help to rethink the ‘local-global’ tension after the COVID-19 crisis. It welcomes papers on environmental and social sustainability, inclusiveness and diversity, social and environmental justice, food waste reduction and single use plastics reduction, green mobility, as well as on pro-sustainability nudging for staff and guests. This means welcoming insights, case studies, best practices, and critical studies that can display to what extent the hospitality sector is responding to the challenges posited in a creative, disruptive, and constructive way.

Paper and poster submission

Unfortunately, the paper and poster submission is closed.

Conference fees

The registration page for the conference is closed, if you have any questions please contact

Conference programme

The conference programme will start on Tuesday 23rd May with registration and the welcome reception. Conference registration will run 10:00 – 16:00 that day in the HMS building and then at the Welcome Reception in The Mill/De Eendracht in the centre of campus (18:00 – 20:00. Conference badges and bags can be collected then. Delegates and Keynotes will be presenting the papers Wednesday – Friday at various locations around the NHL Stenden Leeuwarden campus. Posters will be up for the duration of the conference but authors are asked to be around their posters during the coffee breaks  on Wednesday 24/5 15:00-15:30 and on Thursday 25/5 10:30 – 11:00 and 15:30 – 16:00. We will have a ‘people’s vote’ for the best poster so make sure you complete the voting slip. The Gala Dinner and Awards will be held at Blokhuispoort, a historic building in the centre of Leeuwarden. The conference will close at 13:30 on Friday 26th May with a snack lunch for those not rushing off to catch planes, explore the Waddenzee islands or enjoy Leeuwarden or Amsterdam. We look forward to welcoming you and learning from each other. 

The most current conference programme will be available
through this link.

Keynote speakers

Dr. Angelique Lombarts

ESG – A burden or an opportunity?

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Prof. Conrad Lashley

Time to Look at the Stars?
Reflections on Bias and Prejudice in Hospitality Management Education

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Dr. Meghan L. Muldoon

Virtual tourism in the Global South: Game changes or politics as usual?

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Prof. Ian Yeoman

The Future of Tourism Through the Lens

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Alexander de Vries

The future of Hospitality lies in the past

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Leeuwarden has a wide range of accommodation but conference delegates should book early to ensure they secure the type and level of accommodation they require. airbnb is also active in Leeuwarden. 

CHME 2023
Hotel  Average room rate  Website 
High end accommodation:  
PostPlaza € 100
Notiz hotel (on campus) € 90
WTC Hotel € 95
Mid-range accommodation:  
Van der Valk € 100
Oranje hotel € 90
AirBNB € 60
Bastion hotel € 65
Budget accommodation:  
Alibi hostel € 50
Eurohotel € 78
Campanile € 67


High end accommodation:  
(Average room rate €100)
Notiz hotel (on campus)
(Average room rate €90)
WTC Hotel
(Average room rate €95)
Mid-range accommodation:  
Van der Valk
(Average room rate €100)
Oranje hotel
(Average room rate €90)
(Average room rate €100)
Bastion hotel
(Average room rate €65)
Budget accommodation:  
Alibi hostel
(Average room rate €50)
(Average room rate €78)
(Average room rate €67)

Restaurant tips

View the restaurants on Google Maps
Wilhelminaplein 20
8911 BS Leeuwarden
Lange Markstraat 1
8911 AD Leeuwarden
Nieuwestad 63
8911 CK Leeuwarden
Weerd 7
8911 HL Leeuwarden
Tweebaksmarkt 49
8911 KW Leeuwarden
Nieuwestad 3
8911 CG Leeuwarden
Nieuwestad 47
8911 CJ Leeuwarden
Tweebaksmarkt 27
8911 KW Leeuwarden
Weerd 18
8911 HM Leeuwarden
Groningerstraatweg 10
8921 TP Leeuwarden
Nieuwestad 1
8911 CG Leeuwarden

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Academic journals associated with CHME2023

About Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden-Friesland was European Capital of Culture in 2018. "A sustainable success on all counts"

"Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands"

Friesland is a beautiful province located in the northern part of the Netherlands .

How to get to Leeuwarden?

By Train

Arrival at Schiphol

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Buying train tickets at Schiphol

The train journey will be done with an NS train (NS = ‘Nederlandse Spoorwegen’, the Dutch train company). The train ticket will cost around €25 for a single trip.

To by your train ticket, you have two options:

1. Use the ‘OV Service & Tickets’ at Schiphol Plaza. Here, one of the employees will help you with buying a ticket to Leeuwarden Central Station. Please do not forget to check in with your ticket at the NS check-in poles. Checking out only needs to be done in Leeuwarden Central Station. If you are using the non-direct train, you do not need to check out in the transfer station Zwolle. Checking out in Leeuwarden is sufficient. The NS employee can explain more about this.

2. Use one of the ticket machines at the Plaza.
a. Select English or any other language.
b. Here you can order your ticket by using the ‘buy a separate ticket (single-use chipkaart)’. Payment can be done by credit card (+ €0,50 transaction costs) or cash money (coins only).
c. Please do not forget to check in with your ticket at the NS check-in poles. Checking out only needs to be done in Leeuwarden Central Station. If you are using the non-direct train, you do not need to check out in the transfer station. Checking out in Leeuwarden is sufficient.

You can find the correct train platform (usually platform 1-2) by checking the signs in front of the platform tunnels at the Plaza.

Train to Leeuwarden

The train to Leeuwarden will depart each 30 minutes, starting from 06h04 until 22h34.
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The journey by train will take about two hours. You can either chose between a direct or non-direct (1 stop in Zwolle) train.

At Schiphol Airport, the train will usually depart from platform 1-2. If you take the non-direct train, you will transfer trains in Zwolle. The next train to Leeuwarden will arrive around five minutes later on the other side of the train platform.

However, we will advise you to take the direct train to Leeuwarden, which will leave .34 from Schiphol Airport. Also we recommend you to download the ‘NS Reisplanner Xtra’ app. Here you always have the up to date travel information. You can change the language from Dutch to English, by doing to following:
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If you decide to travel by car to NHL Stenden Leeuwarden, you can park next to the campus. Please press the green button with the text: “bezoeker” and save your ticket.

The address is:

Rengerslaan 8-10
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CHME 2023


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